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Technological principles are at the heart of grain cleaning machines design by Kharkov grain cleaning machinery plant (KGCMP), they make these separators an ideal solution for small-scale farmers, and for the powerful grain-cleaning complexes. There are five such principles:

  1. Cost effectiveness

Currently, aerodynamic separators manufactured by KGCMP are the most cost effective in energy, maintenance and repair. Our machines consume electricity by 2.5 - 3 times less than their closest analogues. The way, we have achieved those high results is described in details in the article about cost efficiency of grain separators of Kharkov grain cleaning machinery plant.

2. Accessibility

Grain cleaning separators of Kharkov grain cleaning machinery plant are designed so that the machine operator needs only to put it in a specific task mode. A more detailed description of our grain cleaning machine control can be found on the page "ISM separator adjustments".

3. Reliability

Structural components and units of aerodynamic grain separators are designed for continuous operation in all weather conditions. A farmer can be totally sure that the grain processing with the help of our machines will guarantee a high harvest. When preparing the seeds, our grain cleaning equipment guarantees the germination capacity at 98%, whereas the outdated screen separators provide no more than 75% germination.

4. Durability

At the moment, KGCMP is the only manufacturer that provides a 2-year-warranty on grain cleaning machines and their assemblies. Warranty period for separators is limited to a two-year warranty for the frequency converters used in separators from the world best manufacturers. Warranty for other mechanisms and components could be much higher.

5. Comfort

Set of the four above-mentioned principles gives the owner, Kharkov grain cleaning machinery plant, right that feeling when using it. This item is the last in our list of technological principles, but by no means the last in its importance.


In the broad sense of the word, any technology can be called "hi-tech"; it is the best technology that ever existed in the world. Kharkov grain cleaning machinery plant assembles separators based on its own unique technologies. Our company presents high-tech direction for agriculture. This is our principle position that we value and consistently defend. We can proudly say that we manufacture the best machines in our manufacturing sector.

The team of KGCMP expresses its deep gratitude to the specialists in agriculture who work closely with us on the fairs, exhibitions, agricultural forums and seminars. Their comments, suggestions and wishes are invaluable to us. Due to the close feedback we always know which grain separators are needed for our agriculture. The ability to "feel the pulse" allows us to bring our products to perfection, so air separators by Kharkov grain cleaning machinery plant are exactly what the farmer needs.